&nbsp Toualouse-Lautrec is the second person that Christian meet in Paris, Right afterArgentinian , who was with Toualouse upstairs rehursing for a play. He came down after Argentinian fell through the roof. He inspired, After hearing Christian doing pome, to go and see if he could get Satine. After that, He and Christian became pretty good friends. After Satine said that she was leaving Christian, he stayed with Christian while he was upset. He only left when Christian yelled "GO AWAY! at him. After finding out why Satine had told Christian to

Right before Satine died.Right after satine died.

leave, he went trying to find Christian and tell him. But, he didn't get to him before Christian ran in to Satine and The Duke's gard, Who had a gun. He joined in on the final song, by starting it the old way, by yelling "THE GREATEST THING YOU WILL EVER LEARN, IS JUST TO LOVE, AND BE LOVED IN RETURN" which was a line that Christian had writen for the play before they had to change the ending. Toualouse was also there to see Satine deing. He, like many others, stood silently and took off his hair piece.

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